Custom Laundry Drying Rack- Solid Wood!

  • $ 349.00

Our Laundry Drying Racks have moved from a stock item to a custom item!

Our standard size is shown in the first few photos- 29.5" wide x 30.75" tall.

The drying rack will come to you unfinished, ready for your paint or stain.

**Email us at: with your size specifications and we will happily quote you a price. 

*** Sorry these don't qualify for free shipping. Shipping price quoted with your custom quote.***

Included in our photos are examples of some of the custom laundry racks.

Solid wood! No veneer.

A little about our drying racks...

Standard size: 29.5" wide (including top shelf) 30.75" tall.
Every piece is put together by hand with attention to detail. 
The back panel features individual wood piece that are put together by hand. (These are not those cheaper panels like you see in the home improvement stores.)
The rods to hang your clothing on are intentionally not made of dowel rods so they will not warp or bend or rot. We used galvanized pipe.
The pull out rack has features to hold it at a particular angle, steadied by chain.
The rack snaps back into place and is held with strong magnets.
The top shelf is large enough for some cute 'laundry' sign, or photos or small antiques.
Everything is not only USA made, but eco-friendly!
Built for use! (Though they are pretty too!)

Price below is for our standard size, unfinished. Please allow 3 weeks for delivery.

This item does not qualify for any free shipping offers (sorry!). Shipping charges will be quoted with custom sized. Standard size ships for $49.95 to the continental US.



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