Essential Oil, Carrier Oil Tote, perfect for home or professional use

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  • Get Organized: If your bathroom counter is crowded with countless bottles, our essential oil carrying case is a must-have! Measuring 4.75” tall with an 8” diameter, it holds up to 10 (15ml) essential oil bottles and 2 (236ml) carrier or massage oil bottles.
  • Function Meets Beauty: Perfect for practitioners of the Raindrop Technique, the back of our essential oil display rack is double-layered, offering easy access to every bottle. You can even read the labels while the bottles are in place! And because it’s unvarnished, it safely absorbs oil drips while helping protect other surfaces.
  • Safe Around Kids and Pets: Every parent knows that kids and pets can get into just about anything. Luckily, our totes are finished with our 100% Natural and Pure Stain! It’s completely eco-friendly, pesticide-free and non-toxic, keeping your home and family safe and sound.
  • Made in the USA: When you shop with OFTO, your essential oil storage box will truly be one-of-a-kind! All of our pieces are handmade and sanded individually, preserving the wood’s unique curves and knots while adding a personal touch from our family to yours.
  • Trusted Brand: At Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals, we’re transforming practical ideas into stunning works of art! As a family-owned business, we take pride in our ability to offer our customers personalized support, so feel free to reach out with any of your questions.

Keep Oils Organized and Easy to Find!

From soothing aromatherapy to natural beauty treatments, essential oils offer a unique range of uses and benefits. But as your collection begins to grow, it can leave your bathroom littered with those small dark bottles.

Cut the clutter and get organized with the Essential Oil Holder from OFTO! Whether you’re an industry professional or an at-home enthusiast, our beautiful stand holds 10 (15ml, 1.125” base) essential oil bottles and 2 (236ml, 2” base) carrier or massage oil bottles. Measuring 4.75” tall with an 8” diameter, it accommodates all of the supplies needed for the Raindrop Technique.

To offer even more convenience, the back of our tote features a second layer of wood, steadying larger bottles and providing fast access while staggered rows allow you to read the labels on most brand name oils! And because it’s unvarnished, accidental oil drips are easily absorbed, protecting surfaces from damage. Eco-friendly and totally non-toxic, it’s safe around kids and pets!

Handmade in the United States, Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals continues to deliver premium designs you won’t find anywhere else! We craft and sand each piece individually, showcasing Mother Nature’s unique signature through the wood’s knots and curves.


Why Choose Our Oil Holder?

- Holds 10 essential oils and 2 larger bottles

- Designed for functionality

- Protects surfaces from damage

- Safe around pets and kids

- Handmade in the USA


*Stock is limited. Order today to ensure availability.

** Fits most well know essential oil brands up to 15ml, please check your bottle sizes to ensure compatibility.

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*** Essential Oils, Bottles, Droppers, Carrier Oils, etc., not included.




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