Premium, Personalized Family Tree Coasters- Laser Engraved with up to 30 names

  • $ 29.95

These will make a wonderful gift! For that matter, pick an occasion, and these will make a great gift for any occasion, family reunion, wedding, etc.. Discounts on bulk amounts. Please message us at with any questions.

Size: 4" x 4" x .38" (that's .375" or 9.525mm) 

Combining with our super thick 3/8" (that's over 3 times as thick as most coasters found online) premium coaster with our laser engraving, your coaster will not bend, tear, smudge or rub off it's design! 

Cork is a natural, eco-friendly and sustainable. It's a light weight, durable material with insulating, buoyant, and fire retardant properties. Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak. The bark is harvested for the first time when the tree is 25 years old. Then it is removed every 9-12 years without ever damaging the tree, which lives around 200 years.

 Please print our order form. Use it as a worksheet to plan your family tree. When you're happy with the result, please go back to the online order from and fill in all the details. We highly recommend a proof copy (it's no charge) to make sure all the names are in the correct place and spelled correctly.

Allow 7-10 days for production. 

There is a substantial discount for larger orders. Contact us for pricing. 

Why buy our coasters?

* Premium Quality

*  2 - 3 times thicker than the competition

*  Durable

*  Personalized for your family

*  Designed and Laser Engraved in the USA!

*  Eco-Friendly, natural cork 

*  Unique and Original

Your order will come wrapped in tissue and tied with string. If you would like packs separated, please note in your order.

Pricing is for orders shipping in one box to one location.




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