We want to help! Will you help too?

Do you know of an aged or sick pet that is being fostered or up for adoption?

Perhaps you haven't heard of us yet, but we are Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals, located in Ozark, Missouri. We are an online seller of home decor items, but our most popular product is our Elevated Pet Feeders. 

As the proud parents of 4 rescued dogs, we are partial to anyone that helps any animal that is in danger, abandoned, lost, sick or in need.

We've been trying to help give back where and when we can. This is where we need your help!

If you haven't seen our products before, please check them out.

If you don't know why our elevated pet feeders are the best, please click here. We make the only feeders on the market that are 100% natural ingredients in the stain & finish. They are they only feeders that won't harm your pet if they lick or chew the finish. Neat huh? 

Well, from time to time we have these feeders that either are used for display, or get a ding, or some other flaw that we can't sell it.  We have sizes teacup to large. We do not sell any that are less than perfect. BUT... they still are great feeders!

HOW CAN YOU HELP?? So, we want the feeders to go to dog/cat/pig foster homes that are kind enough to foster one of those aged/sick pets that could really use one. Or even a shelter pet that needs one. So, do you know someone?

Our intention is that these are free! We don't always have them, but sometimes we do. So, if you are interested, email us at: info@ofto.com. We can't promise everyone will get one, and if we can offer what you need, most likely you will need to come get it we ask that locals pick up at our shop. If you are far away, we on occasion ship a box full to a great organization!

We'll let you in on a secret... if you happen to order a pet feeder and it's damaged during shipping and you are involved with a rescue organization, we are happy to ship you a new one and donate the damaged feeder to your favorite local rescue! 

These are not meant to be re-sold or given to thrift shops for re-sale or anything where anyone profits... except the pets getting better health. We love rescue organizations using them for pets in need. We'd love it if the feeder went with the pet when they are adopted, not as a promotional gift.

Also... from time to time we have dinged stainless steel bowls in 1 pint, 1 quart and 3 quart sizes. We have done some testing and found none of our pups mind if the bowl has a dent. Perhaps your rescue/foster pet/organization feels the same? Let us know if you can use some!

* If your organization has a donation form to give us, we'd appreciate that. If you don't, we're OK with that. For us, it's really about serving a need here.

Thanks for your time!

Gary & Ingrid Fehr