Our Mission...

At OFTO, our products show our love of nature…
And our commitment is to make products that are
Eco-Friendly, Nature-Friendly, & People/Pet Friendly.
Our products & finishes are
Free of pesticides, herbicide & fungicides.
Our finishes are also
So safe & pure you, your child or your pet would suffer no short or long term ill effects from any of our paints, stains (we make many of them ourselves) or finishes.
Entirely non-toxic,
No Toxic Solvents or toxic anything,
No Noxious gases,
No environmentally harmful chemicals and
Latex Free
We reuse, repurpose & recycle* & encourage you to do the same!


* Please know that our reusing and repurposing never involves using used or potentially toxic products in our products. We know it's popular, but we never use pallets, for instance, because they are treated with toxic chemicals for bugs, but also you never know what the pallet was used for and if a toxic chemical was spilled on it. We also love the look of old barn wood, but only replicate the wood, because most has lead paint. We encourage you to make healthy decisions for your family. You'll never have to think twice about what is in our products from the sustainable raw wood to the all natural finishes.



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