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Check out our 100% Non-toxic, Eco-Friendly Elevated Pet Feeders! Looking for a single dog bowl stand? You'll find every dog bowl stand we create here! Need something custom? We can make your pet the perfect dog bowl stand, designed so you and your fur baby will love it!

What size do I need?

  • Mealtime Comfort: From reducing neck strain to facilitating digestion, it’s no surprise that vets recommend raised pet bowls for dogs of any breed. Available in five sizes, we carry the perfect fit for your furry friend and even offer smaller options for cats and pigs!
  • Safe for Pets: Curious pups will chew just about anything. But unlike most other feeders, our cat and dog food bowls are non-toxic, eco-friendly and have the Green People Seal of Approval! The stains and finishes are all natural, making these family-safe stands gluten and allergen free.
  • Beautiful Design: Available in three gorgeous stains, our raised dog bowls are a seamless addition to any room’s décor! And because they’re elevated, they help reduce accidental water spills, keeping your floors dry. For a quick clean, wipe the stand with a damp cloth.
  • Premium Quality: Made in the USA, our stands undergo a seven-step process to ensure a durable finish. Unlike competitors who use wood veneer, ours are solid wood, giving you a truly unique piece! Purchase includes a pair of stainless steel dog dishes, creating a high quality feeder that’s strong and reliable. Our designs are tough and long lasting, but please note they’re for indoor use only.
  • Trusted Brand: The family at Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals cares about your four-legged friend just as much as you do! Customer satisfaction is our top priority, so please don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any questions regarding our dog water bowl stand. 

What size do I need?? Click here to learn how to size your pet.

Keep Your Pet Happy and Your Home Clean!

Nothing gets your furry friend running to the kitchen faster than mealtime. Unfortunately, most pet food bowls slide across the floor while they eat, not to mention the mess left behind by sloppy dogs and picky cats.

The Elevated Pet Feeder from OFTO keeps your floors clean and your pet comfortable! Our beautiful stand holds bowls in place, minimizing spills. More importantly, the raised dishes aid digestion and take strain off your pet’s neck and shoulders. Available in five sizes, we have the right fit for dogs, cats and even pigs of any breed! Be sure to measure your pet and check the sizing chart above before ordering.

What sets us apart from other feeders is the fact that our stand is totally non-toxic! Stained and finished with all natural ingredients, it’s kid-safe and allergen free so pets can chew and lick without harm. Eco-friendly and available in three rich colors, our bowls make the perfect addition to any home.

At Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals, we go the extra mile to ensure our premium quality standards are met! Made in the USA and crafted from 100% solid wood, our feeders undergo a seven-step process to ensure a durable finish. Your stand won’t look exactly like the pictures, but it’ll be its own unique masterpiece! A beautiful pair of stainless steel bowls is also included. 

Why Choose Our Feeder?

- Minimizes strain

- Eco-friendly, non-toxic

- Available in three colors

- Easy to clean

- Made in the USA

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