Personalized Nameplate for any Large, Medium or Universal pet feeders.

  • $ 29.95

Finally! You can purchase one of our beautiful pet feeders, and have it customized with your pets' name!

The Nameplates are 9" long and  1 7/8" tall for the Large single and double bowl with skirts, medium single or double bowl or universal.

The Large single and double bowl without skirts are 2 7/8" tall.

If ordering with a pet feeder, we will install your nameplate for you!

If ordering to go along with a previously purchased pet feeder, your nameplate will include the screws and instructions for installation. *

* Please note, in order to choose a nameplate to compliment the colors/tones of your feeder, we suggest you text us (417/848-8777) or email us ( a pic of your pet feeder. We'll do our best to make a great match for you!

Our nameplates take approximately 7-10 days to make (this includes staining & our all natural clear coat, so we appreciate your patience!).

Please choose your pet feeder size, the color of your feeder, your font choice and if you want light or dark letters. There is a space to put the name of your pet while ordering each feeder. Please fill out this form for each feeder. 

If you have questions, please call/text us!



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