Wooden Bowls! Hand turned decorative wood bowls

  • $ 59.95

8” wide x 3.12” tall approximately

We love these for keys, coins, candle holder, candy dish, ring or jewelry holder, filled with pine cones or ornaments or baubles, sewing notions… the list goes on! 

Each bowl is hand turned in the OFTO (that’s Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals) shop. Handmade, hand turned and yes, made in the USA!!

These are made from segmented pine. Each is stained with our all natural stains and finished with a light coat of our all pure and safe clear coat.

How food safe are they?? We’d trust wrapped candy and fruit with the peel/skin on, but we’re particular about your safety so let’s not use this for your morning cereal!

Please note: Hand wash only with damp rag and dry with a soft cloth.
NOT dishwasher safe. Please do not use furniture polish or other toxins... we love that our products are safe, pure and natural!

A note about hand turned bowls: If you notice, many bowls have holes in the bottom when you look on the inside. We take care and do not turn so far as to leave holes that show inside your bowl. The inside of the bowls is always solid.

Each item is handmade, therefore no two items are exactly the same.

Dimensions will always be approximate.

The photos are examples. As with all our products, each will be 100% unique. We cannot determine how the stain will take on each piece. We promise yours will be beautiful!

Color choices are:
Forest Trail: Deep Rich Espresso,  Browns, Dark Mossy Greens. Often referred to as the pottery barn color, popular with the under 35 crowd. Shows the grain, but much more subtle than our other colors.
Pictures do not do this color justice in our bowls! Please look at other items we sell to get an idea how beautiful this color is!
Natural: If you love that natural beauty of the wood, love to see the brown and red tones highlighted through knots and heartwood, this is your color!


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