In Case of Emergency My Medical Information Kit (for people)

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  • Medical Cards for People: Life is unpredictable, but with our all-in-one kit, you’ll be prepared in the worst situations! Each order includes 2 “In Case of Emergency Medical Alert” Key Fobs. The Key Fobs alert emergency responders that your medical information and emergency contacts are in your wallet.
  • Convenience: We’ll send you 2 Medical Information Cards that easily slip into your wallet, purse, or glove box! Our cards are identity theft resistant, displaying pertinent facts but not private details (such as your birth year, but not your birthdate).
  • Universal Care: Our triple folded ICE Medical Information Cards are loaded with space for information that emergency responders need. Each card includes information regarding insurance, medications, allergies, and other conditions about yourself.
  • Designed for Emergencies: We carefully designed each item in our kit to ensure that it’s durable, noticeable, and easy to use! We've even included a 15-page downloadable Medical Information Form for you to complete and share with your emergency contacts and medical professionals.
  • Trusted Family Brand: At Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals, we believe it’s better to be safe than to be sorry. We hope you never have to use our emergency medical cards, but when you’re prepared for urgent situations, it makes all the difference for you and your family. MADE IN THE USA!

For All of Life’s Unpredictable Moments! 

From car accidents to medical emergencies, life hands us dangerous situations when we’re least expecting them. When you fail to prepare for worst-case scenarios, it can make it harder for first responders to give you or your family the necessary care.

Prepare for the worst with the ICE My Medical Information Kit by Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals! This all-in-one kit features 2 Key Fobs. Printed on each side with the Star of Life, our Fobs are universally recognizable to first responders and the general public. Upon inspection, the Fobs give notice: "See card in wallet for medical information & emergency contact.” Responders will then find your Medical Information Cards, complete with your name, emergency contact, and pertinent medical information.

As a bonus, you will receive access to our 15-page detailed medical information form. This form can be printed or downloaded. You can update the information anytime! Share a copy with your emergency contacts, caregivers, POA, medical professionals, or family members. 

We hope you never have to use this kit, but in case you do, rest assured knowing that each piece is durable and easy to use! 

Why Choose Our Kit?

  • Includes: 2 ICE Medical Information cards, 2 unique and visible Key Fobs, 2 key rings, and our 15-page complete medical information form
  • Versatile, all-in-one kit
  • Provides information for first responders and emergency contacts
  • Slips into your wallet
  • Easy to use
  • Durable, high quality pieces
  • Made in the USA!

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