Underneath Bird Feeder, EZ Fill upside down suet feeder, suet cake holder for clinger birds. Starling, squirrel & bully bird resistant

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Suet is a popular, nutritious, and simple food to add to your backyard bird buffet.

Why choose a suet feeder?

Unlike traditional seed feeders, suet feeders are easy to fill and have minimal cleanup. The OFTO suet bird feeder holds one standard size cake (11-12 oz.). Suet can melt or get rancid in certain weather conditions. Our one-cake design helps keep food fresh for your birds and eliminate waste.

Bully birds such as blackbirds, starlings, and grackles will visit feeders, often devouring the suet before other birds can feed. Choosing our upside-down suet feeder effectively excludes bullies and deter squirrels. Our design requires birds to cling from the feeder's bottom. Birds such as woodpeckers, wrens, nuthatches, and chickadees easily feed with our underneath-only access. By taking simple steps to discourage bully birds, it is possible to safely urge them to move along, letting you enjoy a wider range of backyard birds who will appreciate the buffet you’ve provided.

  • Easy to use: Standard suet cakes are easy to add to our suet feeder. Simply drop one cake in from the top. The screened bottom provides easy access to the suet and allows excellent drainage.
  • Stays where you put it: Suet is much more efficient than seed alone because the seed doesn't fall to the ground easily. It sticks to its form in the suet feeder until a hungry bird pecks the food off to eat.
  • Less waste: Refilling a bird feeder should be easy (and ideally, not daily). A squirrel won't tip over this suet feeder and spill all the food. Minimal bird food is wasted with suet and suet feeders, saving you time and money.
  • Low maintenance: You won't be cleaning up sunflower seeds or weeding under your suet feeder because of dropped food. Suet stays in the bird feeder where it belongs.

* Handcrafted in the USA by Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals, LLC from sustainable eastern white pine.


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