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Although we make all sorts of furniture items, our primary business is making the only completely safe and non-toxic raised pet feeders in the world. Our pet feeders are so safe, pets won't get sick, even if they lick or chew the finish of our products.

Since starting our business in 2014, we have given away all of our less than perfect or returned pet feeders to shelters/rescues/pets in need. If a customer orders a feeder and it is damaged during the shipping process, we ask the recipient to donate to their favorite local rescue or shelter. This had a positive impact on both our customers and their charities! In the past 4 years, we've donated over 500 of our pet feeders for charity events, rescues/shelters and pets in need.

Recently, we learned many police K9 programs are funded solely by donations. We were very surprised to learn this! This includes everything from dog food to vet care to training. 

We decided to jump in and do what we could and we donated 3 of our raised feeders to a Sheriff's Department near our home. They really liked them! Our friends and fans of the Sheriff's Department started to ask us about donating more! We had people wanting to donate and send raised feeders to their local K9 units!

We thought we'd partner with fans of K9 departments across the USA and donate what we can, but we need your help!

We're donating labor and if you'd be kind enough to donate towards the cost materials and shipping, we can make a positive impact for K9s! Our feeders can cost up to $60 to ship just one!

If you'd like to check us out, our website is OFTO.us, or you can find us on Facebook by searching Ozarks Fehr Trade Originals. We're on Twitter @oftodotus and Instagram @oftollc.

Thanks for your consideration!

Please contact us if you know a K9 that would benefit from one of our raised feeders.

With Gratitude,
Gary and Ingrid Fehr

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