Out of Stock... Again!!

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We appreciate how much everyone has liked and shared, and well, purchased our products!

As a family run, two person operation, things get a little crazy around here! Please know we are constantly making another batch of our products, especially our Elevated Pet Feeders! We have added an option so you can order them (or back order we could say) when they are sold out. This will assure you will get a place in line for the next batch! This will also help us choose what colors are coming out of the next batch.

So please, continue to like and share us!

And if you didn't see it yet, we have added a Single Large size to the raised bowls! And because you're special to us, we added a coupon for $20 off! Just add it to your cart and the pop up will come up for the coupon. We just as that you share it on Facebook or Twitter. Not on those sites? Scroll down and we'll give you the coupon code...









Coupon Code: SharedLargeSingle

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