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With Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Christmas and Hanukkah (to name a few) just around the corner, we've been thinking about how quickly the year has flown by... and how incredibly blessed we are.

We are so thankful for our wonderful customers! We've laughed & cried with you as we built friendships, learned about the bond between you and your pets and heard the incredible sacrifices many of you make with your time and efforts in the pet community.

So... what can we do? How can we help? We've asked that over and over as our business grows. We've taken the down side of business... returns, damaged products, accidental drops and dings, less than perfect bowls for our pet feeders, and turned that into an amazing, happy experience for ourselves, our customers and most of all, pets in need.

Many of you have helped us along the way. You've helped your local rescue organizations, shelters, humane societies and special needs pets get our products at no cost, taking time to contact and deliver and help where you felt it was best needed. This year, you've helped us help hundreds of pets get a little extra care! Thank you!

As big as this effort is, we realized there has to be more! We are not a charity, but feel the need to give as much as we can. We'd like your help! 

What can YOU do?

Email us at: info@ofto.us

Tell us the name & contact information of your favorite pet related charity. We don't have many restrictions here. Shelters, rescues, special projects for animals, help with medical assistance for pets... it's all fine with us!

We will give you a coupon code for our website, www.ofto.us. Then post on your website, the shelter website, Facebook, Twitter... anywhere. Give everyone the coupon code. When they shop, the coupon shows them a penny off their order. What it really does, is tell us where to send a check! YES! We will donate 10% of all sales on our website that use the coupon code to that organization! TEN PERCENT!!! And, to sweeten the deal, we'll also send a gift to the purchaser. They will receive one of our In Case of Emergency, My Pet is Home Alone key fobs & wallet cards Kits!

Here are the steps:

  • Email us: info@ofto.us
  • Get a code assigned by us. We'll email it to you.
  • Post the code anywhere and everywhere.
  • Get 10% back in a check for your organization.
  • The code is good now until 12/28/16. 

Questions, email us!

Thanks again for helping us help pets in need!

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  • Dumb Friends League Coupon Code: Buddy Center

    Ingrid Fehr on
  • Secondhand Hounds Rescue Coupon Code: SecondhandHounds

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  • Animal Allies Humane Society Duluth Coupon Code: AAHSD

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  • Anyone interested in giving 10% of their purchases to Route 66 Rescue Adoption Center, use coupon code: Route66Rescue
    Enter the code during checkout and OFTO will donate 10% of your purchase to Route 66 Rescue!

    Ingrid Fehr on
  • Thank you. We are opening in Ozark, very soon. Our Adoption Center (Route 66 Rescue Adoption Center) is at 2012 W. Garton Road. We are next to Tracker Boats. Please come see us. We’re not far from you.

    Connie Foster--Route 66 Rescue, Inc. on

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